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Thanks to its easy processing and durability, melamine faced particleboard is the most used material for the production of furniture. Various decors, combined with UV protected and stain resistant surfaces, are widely used in the interior projects.

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ламинирано ПДЧ
ламиниран MDF


Melamine faced medium-density fiberboard features consistent wood composition, a high bending strength and a variety of thicknesses. These characteristics allow different types of mechanical processing and shapes, which make this material suitable for designer furniture and premium solutions. For projects with specific requirements, the assortment includes products with improved moisture and fire resistance.

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Mirror Gloss MDF

Mirror gloss is a high quality decorative melamine film pressed on to medium-density fiberboard. It creates a smooth, polished, UV-stable surface that reflects light. This effect is emphasized by the choice of monochromatic decors and brings luxury to the interior design.

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огледален гланц МДФ
МДФ с гланцово акрилно покритие

Acrylic Gloss MDF

Acrylic gloss gives a unique atmosphere in the interior solution and gives optical illusion of space. It is a acrylic cover, sealed with UV-stable and wear-resistant glossy varnish. The exceptional shine on the surface of the medium-density fiberboard makes the product suitable for frontal furniture elements in high-end, luxury design projects.

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Acrylic Matt MDF

Acrylic matt MDF is a premium decorative solution for both residential interior and office spaces. They offer fine aesthetics, high durability and easy maintenance of the material. The acrylic layer over the medium-density fiberboard core is sealed with UV-resistant matt varnish, which gives the surface a satin softness.

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МДФ с матирано PET-фолио покритие
МДФ с алуминиево покритие

MDF with Aluminum Cover

Strong, durable and versatile, aluminum MDF boards help to create individual and appealing interior design projects. Ideal for vertical furniture elements, their scratch resistant surface guarantees long lasting good looks. The boards are produced from high quality medium-density fiberboard substrate laminated with real aluminum with a scrub resistant coating and covered with protective foil.

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MDF with glossy PET-foil cover

Exceptional shine highlights the unique look of the medium-density fiberboards with PET-foil cover. These modern products shape each space with style and elegance. The thermoplastic film has improved resistance to wear, abrasion, impact and dirt, which prevents stains and scratches on the surface. This product is suitable for furniture frontal elements in interior projects.

Kronospan Design Center Sofia PET Foil MDF feelness high gloss
Kronospan Design Center Sofia PET Foil MDF feelness ultra matt

MDF with matt PET-foil cover

The medium-density fiberboards with matt PET-foil cover are designed for frontal furniture elements. They have remarkable protection against stains, scratches and impact. This makes the product suitable for heavy use rooms such as nurseries, kitchens or offices. The ultra matt texture gives a warm, tactile feeling. Combined with a monochrome range of decors, it creates a unique sophistication and finesse in the interior solution.

HPL bonded MDF

Made of moisture resistant medium-density fiberboard, this high-quality product can be used even in rooms with increased humidity. The HPL top is hygienic, easy to clean and gives additional resistance to wear and heat, in addition, the matt surface also has anti-fingerprint properties. All these advantages make it the ideal material for the production of tables, kitchen cabinets, bathroom or office elements, both in residential and commercial projects.

Kronospan Design Center Sofia HPL Bonded MDF feelness invisible touch
Работни плотове с перпендикулярен профил и ABS кант

ABS Square Edge Worktops

The ABS square edge worktops add finesse to any modern kitchen. Made of particleboard with HPL cover, they are anti-bacterial, heat and stain-resistant and easy to clean. The square profile is finished with ABS edging, which gives a pronounced elegance to the outer end with smooth classic lines. This makes the countertops an ideal solution for both rustic and simple, even minimalistic interior design.

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Post-formed Worktops

Post-formed worktops are made of particleboard panels. Their surface is covered with HPL, which rounds out the countertop profile seamlessly. This fine curve, called a U-profile, gives a more contemporary look to the kitchen. An aesthetic solution for an adjacent island is the two-sided post-forming (U-U-profile). Along the entire length of the countertop, under the profile itself, is a special silicone tape that prevents the penetration of water drops. Besides being easy to clean, the worktop surface is also anti-bacterial and heat and stain resistant

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Работни плотове с постформинг
Работни плотове SLIM LINE

Slim Line Worktops

The Slim Line countertops are the latest and most modern interior design solution. This compact laminate product with a color-matched core does not need edging. Stylish and elegant, with only a 12 mm thickness it is exceptionally strong. The resistance to moisture, impact, scratching, heat and stains makes it applicable in projects with specific requirements, both horizontally and vertically. Besides functionality, the worktops also bring an unrivalled aesthetic to any living or working space, and can even be used in laundry rooms.

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Kitchen Splashbacks

The kitchen splashbacks are made of particleboard covered with decorative HPL. Designed for vertical use, protecting the wall behind, they are heat-resistant and easy to clean. These splashbacks offer different designs suggestions, as well as coordinated solutions with the countertop decors and textures.

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Кухненски стенни панели
ХПЛ Стандарт

Compact Interior Panels

The compact interior panels are extremely robust. Impact and moisture-resistant, they are designed for rooms with heavy use. Suitable for interior application in public buildings, commercial spaces, washrooms and restaurants, they provide structural strength and aesthetics.

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HPL Standard

High Pressure Laminate is the perfect material for surfaces that require enhanced durability. Produced by pressing multiple core layers, it is wear and impact-resistant. HPL Standard is suitable for covering vertical surfaces such as doors and wall panels, as well as horizontal surfaces like home and retail countertops. The HPL range is harmonised with our melamine-faced boards and gloss products and can be bonded to different wood-based substrates, offering countless design and application options for a wide variety of interiors.

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ХПЛ за работни плотове
ХПЛ със защита от пръстови отпечатъци

Worktops HPL

High Pressure Laminate is the perfect material for surfaces that require enhanced durability. Produced by pressing multiple core layers, it is stable and wear-resistant. The resin-impregnated top layer gives additional strength and hygiene. The decor range is harmonised with other products for interior application, which offers large opportunities for design creation.

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Anti-fingerprint HPL

Invisible touch HPL (High Pressure Laminate) is a multi-layered material with a matt finish and anti-fingerprint properties. Its layers are produced under high pressure and heat. The special anti-fingerprint property prevents unsightly fingerprints on the surfaces and reduces the amount of cleaning required. Its velvety matt finish is combined with durability and impact resistance.

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Плоскости Компакт Интериор
Лакиран ХДФ

Laquered HDF

LHDF panels are made of high-density fiberboard. Thanks to the advanced technology and UV-varnish coating, the product features greater strength and resistance to fungi and mould. It is widely used for drawer bottoms, furniture backing and interior doors.

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Finger-joint panels

The natural wood of the kitchen worktops, tables or various furniture elements definitely provides warmth and coziness to the interior design. Besides the authenticity of beech and oak, durability and stability are also important when choosing this type of product. One panel consists of separate lamellas glued together by length and width. The lamellas are joined together through a slightly visible interlocking system – finger joint parts.

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Плочи от масив с клинозъбно снаждане
Плочи от масив с цели ламели

Full Stave Panels

The full stave panels are made of lengths of glued solid wood that run the full size of the worktop. Extremely robust and dimensional stable, they provide the natural wood beauty of beech and oak to the space, and find application in the manufacturing of furniture, cladding, staircases and floors.

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SPC flooring

The SPC flooring is an extremely durable material, with a core made of 70% marble powder. The high-performance characteristics include water-resistance, thermal and pressure stability and micro-scratch protection, which makes the product suitable for spaces with heavy use including bathrooms and laundry rooms. The variety of decors provides the interior solution for any modern setting.

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Винилови подови настилки
Ламинирани подови настилки

Laminate flooring

Laminate is undoubtedly one of the most popular flooring choices, which is available in a variety of thicknesses and AC ratings. Different joint systems help fast and easy fitting, and the variety of decors provides vast opportunities for inspiring design solutions. The HDF core and the protective top coating guarantee high stability, durability and resistance to abrasion and UV rays.

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Veneered Flooring

The veneered flooring has the innate character of solid wood floors. It is produced with environmental care from sustainably managed forests. The HDF core and the stabilizing wood layer give strength and longevity to the floor. The natural veneer keeps the uniqueness and texture of the wood grain, with all the authentic imperfections such as knots and cracks. Its surface is UV and scratch-protected thanks to a special coating.

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Фурнировани подови настилки
Ламинирана стенна ламперия

Laminate Wall Panels

The wall panels are made of 12 mm thick MDF material, covered with decorative paper and a protective laminated layer. Temperature resistant and easy to clean, they are used for interior wall cladding. Thanks to special claws, the planks can be arranged on one, two or three levels, depending on the design solution.

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SPC Wall Panels

Made of marble and recyclable polymers (stone plastic composite), the SPC wall cladding is an extremely robust, fully waterproof and environmentally friendly product. It is suitable for indoor use in dry and humid conditions such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and entrance halls. The surface is stain resistant and meets high hygiene requirements, which makes this product suitable for applications in hospitals and restaurants.>

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Винилова стенна ламперия