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Christmas decorations

Wondering how to decorate your home to bring Christmas cosiness and warmth?

Christmas personifies the desire for summer and winter magic. It is our favourite holiday, which is filled with the hanging of elm branches, glittering decorations, and lights. Every year, we admire the new trends in decoration and buy another set of balls for the tree, wreath or decoration for the Christmas table. This makes Christmas a holiday filled with a lot of industrial waste.

We all like to vary our decorations every year and incorporate new elements. But before you rush to the decoration shops and buy another set of Christmas toys, check out our ideas for decorating with natural materials. This only deprives the interior of glamour, style and mood by being a laborious process.

It can be incredibly easy to find creative Christmas decorations that will make your home feel like a holiday from the winter wonderland without creating industrial waste. The Sofia Design Center team chose this style for the decoration of our showroom. We are happy to share our experience and ideas in the following lines.

You, too, can transform your home into a scene where forest plants, fruits, stars, nuts and spices take center stage. We can imagine a Christmas decoration with the theme of Forest Fairy Tale, Starry Christmas or Tasty and Fragrant Christmas. Regardless of your chosen theme, the decoration is a work of art combining countless colors, materials and shades.

As a start to the decoration, we took a light mountain walk to get the necessary materials. We must note that not a single tree was cut for decoration, and the forest ecosystem was not damaged in any way. We collected pine cones, fir branches, cinnamon sticks, dried orange slices (some not found in our forests and for this purpose, we purchased) and small decorative textile elements. In our decoration, we also included the remaining Christmas balls from the previous year, which are inadmissible to hang on the tree again. We have created wreaths, garlands and an impressive hanging "tree".

Besides, on the door or as a table decoration, you can hang Christmas wreaths in front of a window. The double cornice allows easy hanging of the garlands in front of the white veil of the curtain. Another suitable place would be a white wall. Our wreaths are based on a straw ring that we decorated with cones. Of course, the creativity here comes from the colors the cones are painted with: gold, silver, bronze glitter, and white is, our choice. The uniqueness of these wreaths also comes from the additional elements: orange peels, ribbons, and last year's Christmas tree balls. If you also add candles or lights, you get a really impressive wreath that is eco-friendly and unique to your interior.

On a similar principle, we also created garlands, with which we decorated shelves, the section in the living room or any fluff that you decide to turn into something special. These pinecone garlands perfectly complement the gum as a style, and we used natural hemp rope for the basis of the crafting. We completed the final details with ribbons, cinnamon sticks and dried orange slices. For a fitting finish, we have added Christmas lights to the garland.

Until then, your home will be saturated with the aroma of forest, natural textures and a lot of shine. You can create a hanging Christmas tree for added opulence and a central accent. For this purpose, a branch is lowered from the ceiling, which is decorated with the elements you want. You can create a similar effect with dry or fresh fir branches.

These ideas reveal and give new life to natural materials such as twigs, cones, and red berries for decoration. The decoration interweaves the feeling of inspiration and fantasy, creating a masterpiece of art. In addition to the materials used in the decoration, the colors that will bring mood and shine are also important. To get more color to the holiday decoration, we will give some examples of the color palette in the forest idyll theme, such as red, gold and white.

An effective way to combine is the red color combined with green (fir branches, decorative fir trees). This is a combination that is both stylish and classic and never goes out of trend. The strong contrast between the two colors draws attention to the decorative style. The color red is used in complex and stylizing forms and in simple and minimalist decorations. Other suggestions in combination with red are dark blue and black, with which you will give a completely modern style to the room. Red can be found in many natural materials, such as dried fruit, mistletoe or dried leaves and flowers. It is an ideal accent in a Christmas wreath or garland and also as a decoration for the tree.

The other color that immediately comes to mind when we hear the word "Christmas" is gold. The words associated with the color are: elegant, shiny and festive. The golden elements will give your home the feeling of a charming and cosy atmosphere. The color palette with which it can be combined is red, green, dark blue, white or bronze. This color is great for kitchen utensils or dinnerware, and if you don't have any, you can accent it with candles, napkins and napkin rings. Christmas cones can also be turned into gold jewellery. Just imagine the Christmas tree with golden toys and sparkling Christmas lights.

The next suggestion is the white color, which is associated with winter and snow. This trend will not go out of style. Application is found in simple, geometric shapes and also in minimalist and modern styles. The feeling it brings is that of elegance and classic. White is a color that can be combined with a large palette of colors, depending on what effect you want to achieve. If you are looking for sophisticated elegance, you would combine white with gold or silver. How about a more unconventional decorating style? The colors we offer are black and white; if you want to bet on a traditional decoration, add red, green and grey to the white.

We're just giving you some ideas to think about. These are some of the inspirations for Christmas decorations with natural materials. Of course, creating any idea takes time, but isn't it wonderful to give ourselves a moment of peace, to let our imaginations create the sounds of gentle Christmas jazz and a cup of warming tea?! As a bonus, we will enjoy a different decoration every year, which we cannot get bored of, and it is also related to nature. We hope these ideas inspire you to decorate with less plastic and more Christmas spirit. We are waiting for you at Design Center Sofia to look at our creations and discuss the interior.

Happy and shared holidays!

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