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Creative workshop - colors and spaces

The topic of the first edition of the Creative Workshop at Kronospan Design Center - Sofia was "Colors and Spaces" and brought together many professionals from the interior design industry.

The participants were divided into two teams, and in order to provoke the creative process, we joined forces with three companies.Our friends from Orgahim, Urban Concept, and Dimela Design presented up-to-date elements from interior paints, tiles, coverings, and upholstered furniture.

The two teams worked together, creating a feeling of building an entire apartment or а house.

As a result of the skills and creativity of the professionals, we can present combinations for the different spaces in the home. The visitors of Kronospan Design Center - Sofia have the opportunity to get inspired by the conceptual projects developed during this event. These are the results for each of the tasks:

• Kitchen "Make something beautiful today."

This moodboard presented the vision of a kitchen that gives a feeling of warmth and coziness. If we assume that the kitchen is the home's soul, warm colors create an additional sense of comfort. Following the design trends in functional kitchens, the team combined light tones with different color shades and an accent of brighter patterns and prints. Here, the designers combined the gloss surface of the 5981 UM/BS Cashmere from the Feelness collection with the wood decor K365 FP Coast Evoke Oak with clear knots and beautiful woodgrain. Tiles in pale green and peach tones were chosen for the kitchen backsplash. The accent they bet on was a wall with floral tiling from Urban Concept. The suggested details were in golden and beige shadeс from Orgahim wере selected as the primary wall color.

• Bedroom "Make something beautiful today."

This sophisticated look features bright colors, decorative plants, and candles. For the curtains in the room, the team used dark blue and yellow colors. To bring shine and light to the bedroom, the participants used decor with a Mirror Gloss texture from the Avant-garde collection in a soft beige color - 5981 MG Cashmere. One of the highlights of this combination was the furniture hardware in beige and brown, provided by Urban Concept. And for the walls, they picked one of Orgahim's blue shades.

• Living room "Infinite comfort."

The color concept in the moodboard speaks of sophisticated elegance, a sense of confidence, persistence, and audacity. The idea of thia moodboard is to combine a color palette of grey, light green, gold, blue, and wood motifs. The textile from Dimela Design, which was used for the upholstered furniture, was also in a dark blue shade. Elements in gold were chosen for the details, such as furniture hardware. For the frontal furniture, features in the living room were used with a soft matte finish from the Feelness collection in the color 7045 UM/BS Satin. The concept was completed with flooring in a rich wood decor.

• Bathroom "Infinite comfort."

In this combination, pastel colors prevailed. The atmosphere that the designers wanted to create was calm and balanced. This was achieved thanks to the presence of white, cream, shades of blue, green, and turquoise in the form of tiles. Various accessories such as candles, starfish, fragrances, and decorative plants were used here. This moodboard conveys modernism and minimalism, spaciousness, freshness, and harmony.

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