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From the studio to the interior

"From the studio to the interior" is an initiative of Kronospan Design Center - Sofia, which we hope to turn into an annual event. On 16.06. Prof. Lyubomir Karaleev gave an exciting presentation of his work to the event guests. Everyone had a chance to meet the author, touch on his work and discuss the place of the art in the design.

Prof. Lyubomir Karaleev is a teacher and the Head of the "Drawing" Department at the National Academy of Art Sofia. He presented his works and exceptional interest in antiquity, finding the volumetric form and masterful job with combined technique. His works impress with the detailed introduction of a deep plot.

With this format, we aimed to show art's importance in interior design. The approach towards art can be educated, and if it's well chosen, the art becomes an invariable part of the character of a space.

Art has the power to capture one's attention and imagination. In interior design, regardless of the room for which work is intended, it can create a sense of harmony but also one of chaos and intrusiveness. Style, color combination, size, and location in the space should be taken into consideration before choosing the right piece of art for your interior.

Contrary to expectations, the size is of particular importance here, as it depends on whether the work will be lost, whether it will dominate, or whether it will be present as a harmonious part of the room's design.

Often designers choose art to inspire their project and tailor the rest of the elements to it. It can be used as a focal point, an accent, or a neutral piece that looks like a logical part of the design.

The possibilities are many, depending on the individual approach and preferences. Art moves everyone differently. It is created to be unique and interpreted according to one's personal feelings. However, advice from professionals in the field can always be helpful in case you do not have extensive experience with art.

Art creates the room's character and distinguishes its owner's style and individuality. By integrating artwork, you make a statement, standing out from the crowd. A work of art can enrich the atmosphere by creating an impression, raising questions and emotions, and setting up exciting topics of conversation.

From a purely practical point of view, a painting, sculpture, or art decoration can also be an excellent financial investment.

Regardless of your motivation for acquiring an object of art, it will always take an essential place in the interior design and the overall feel of the room.

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