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Trends Origin Stories

Trends Origin Stories is our unique way of drawing you into the idea of ​​Kronospan's new global collection of wood-based panels. This time with Kronodesign, we will try to tell your story, whatever it may be. Here, you will find four personalities who embody human nature and its inclinations. They are by no means restrictive or limited. On the contrary - everyone hides a combination of these and many others, but which one prevails? Which one dominates our daily lives and dreams in what we strive to be? Kronodesign is here to help you express yourself and bring your vision and beliefs to your home, your upcoming project, whatever it may be. Let us tell you a little more about how we imagine you through the unique decors that this one-of-a-kind collection has put together.

The Nomad is our adventurous persona, the traveller who feels best when discovering new places on the road. He rarely stops in one spot, but in whatever place he chooses for his home, he brings all his memories of the world and the way he saw it through his eyes. We see him as a free dreamer whose bravery carries onto the interior - in the way he arranges it, the base color palette he chooses, as well as its functionality. He will recreate the warm tones, the natural elements, everything that reminds him of the world he adores, in the home to make it his own.

The Passionate is an exceptional esthete, preferring luxury and seeking comfort. He cares about precision both in the way he looks and the space he inhabits. Sophisticated style and class are his trademarks. He demonstrates perfectionism in every aspect of his life, inspires respect and incites admiration in those around him. His mission is to be a leading figure in what he does, which is evident in his design decisions. His residence is dominated by dark shades, complex color solutions and authentic textures that speak of his quality of life and strong individuality and character.

The Adaptable is a chameleon that manages to feel good in any situation. He does not need precisely defined conditions to fit in. He turns every situation into his own and every space into a home. As if without much effort, he manages to achieve a balance, bringing cosiness wherever he is. The size of the room is optional for him. He is able to transform his environment so that it serves him as well as possible. The combinations he implements in his home are often practical without being influenced by the latest trends or classics. Laws and rules do not bind him, but he easily applies his understandings, which seem perfectly logical and well thought out at the end of the day.

A sense of beauty, various colors and a positive mood drive the optimist. He needs and surrounds himself with objects and color shades that make him smile. Bright color combinations often prevail. Although bold decisions are his element, he does not feel fear or doubt in his actions. His preferences are an expression of his childlike nature, which prompts his imagination to play no matter his age.

Trends Origin Stories gives you the opportunity to discover and express yourself freely, turning any space into a place you can truly call your own.

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